Winter 2022 Workshop Series

This quarter, we held 4 workshops aimed at providing hands-on experience; no experience required! All workshops are open to all people, regardless of major.

A lab membership is required.

GitHub 1/22

In this workshop, we covered Git and Git topics including their history, their usage in software projects today, how to use them in your projects, and how to use them to boost your resume.

3D Printing 1/29

In this workshop, we gave an introduction to 3D modeling, using 3D printers, and how to use the club’ 3D printer.

Bluetooth Revisited 2/5

In this workshop, Bernie Conrad returned to go deeper into Bluetooth concepts than last quarter’s workshop.

Soldering 2/12

In this workshop, we gave an introduction to soldering. (Important for ECE 5)

W21 Workshop Materials