Become a Lab Member!

Membership has lots of perks! You can access our lab (which has a 3D printer, soldering stations, parts, etc.), participate in guided group projects (like the LED Cube and Portable Speaker), access fun events (like our annual Beach BBQ), and more!

The Perks

Here’s a table showing the perks of being a member!

Member Benefits Member Lab Member
Access to Workshops and Events
IEEE Resume Book
Lab Access    
3D Printer  
Soldering Stations  
Other Lab Resources  
LED Cube  
Portable Speaker  
2D World Builder  

Pricing and Purchase Information

Lab memberships are $30 if purchased before October 31, and $35 after October 31.

Lab memberships are valid for one academic year (Fall to Spring quarters). Lab memberships can only be purchased for UCSB students, and use of lab member benefits requires an ACCESS card.

You can purchase a lab membership via the following methods: