Welcome to the Arcade System Project webpage

UCSB IEEE guided software project 2019

September 25, 2019

project homepage

Overview: This year's software project will teach you how to build a "Virtual Arcade System" in C++ using the SDL2 Library and a simple GUI (graphical user interface). As shown in the pictures above, you will be building an awesome Arcade with a customizable menu system and classic games like brick breaker! Read the paragraphs below to help you understand how this website and project is organized.

Purpose: While the majority of the project will be built during the guided lectures, this website contains all the information and resources you need in case you miss a class. I strongly recommend that you read through the "Lessons" tab after every lecture because I will not be able to go over every detail in the time we have.

Website Navigation: This website has two other tabs, "Lessons" and "Documentation". The Lessons tab is a step by step guide on how to build this project ( I will update it after every lecture). The Documentation tab will contain a simple dictionary of functions that can be used to create a simple menu system. I will also put a link to a github repository with all the source code for this project as well as a possible questions section for any possible questions. As of now I haven't put anything in the documentation tab.

Getting Started: To get started click the "Lessons" tab above. These lessons will guide you through every step from setting up a C++ development environment, to managing your code with git, and finally building and running a fully functional program. Note that these will update after every lecture so as of now only "Lesson 0" is posted.

Questions: Refer to the "Possible Questions" section in the documentation tab (in the future). You can also contact me through email at gcooper@ucsbieee.org for more specific questions or come to my office hours every Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30 PM.