Class 1

This class helps set up the C++ environment and install OpenCV library.

The face filter is based on C++ and utilizes an open source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV).

We will start from the very beginning, given that there are freshmen who are new to programming, and start by setting the C++ environment on your machine. I distributed the following handout I wrote, which includes detailed setup instructions for students to follow. Considering the difference in operating systems and coding preferences, the handout gives students the freedom to choose Eclipse, Xcode, or Visual Studio to build their project.

Besidesthe C++ environment, OpenCV acquires local compilation in order to install in personal machine. Pkg-config is used to varify the library installation.

Since OpenCV is a thrid-party library, the C++ compiler and linker requires advanced configuration. With the help of IDEs, we can easilly modify and add the library path by accessing the compiler and linker menu. Step by step instructions is also given in my handout.