ECE 5: Projects in Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 92 is a course that will be held during spring quarter of 2015. Students will get into groups of 1-3 to make a project centered around an arduino micro controller.

Here are some sample slides that may help you learn the basic electrical engineering concepts of this class:

Lecture 1 Lecture 2

Frequently asked questions:

How do I register to the class?

You will only be able to register to register to this class with the instructor's approval. Clicking on the Add button on GOLD will not work as you need an Approval Code.

Who will be teaching the class?

Professor Brewer (UCSB IEEE Student Chapter's Advisor) will be the professor supervising the class this year. However, the class will be taught by students from the club.

What is the class about?

During the first part of the class, we will teach you basic electrical engineering and software engineering skills needed to assemble a project with a microcontroller. During the second part of the class, you will create and assemble your own project. During finals week, you will need to make a presentation in front of professors and club members.

Who is allowed to take the class?

The class is open to anyone with lower division standing (1st or 2nd year). If you are a transfer student and want to take to the class, you will need to talk to one of the officers to know whether or not you are allowed to take the class.

When do I have to come up with a project idea?

To register to the class you will need to present your initial idea (draft) to the professor. Therefore, you need to come up with an idea before Sprig quarter starts.

How can I find project ideas?

To find your own projects idea you can view project ideas from last year on the Projects Tab of the website. You can also visit the Arduino Playground Website to look at projects done in the past with Arduinos.

How do I get an Approval Code?

You will need to attend UCSB's IEEE meeting on Monday to talk to one of the officer and schedule a meeting with Professor Brewer to present your project idea.

How do I enter my Approval Code in GOLD?

Login to GOLD and select My Class Schedule, then enter your approval code in the text box at the top of the page as in the following image:

Will I receive a grade if I take this class?

Yes, you will receive a letter grade based on the effort you put into the project and poster.

Is ECE 199 (offered last year) the same class as ECE 92?

Yes. If you have taken ECE 199 you are not allowed to register to ECE 92. We have changed the name to make it easier for underclassmen to take the class. The class is now a lowerdivision class.

To whom can I ask more questions?

You can find us at Trailer 699 Room 101 (across Harold Frank Hall and behind the EUCR) or you can email one of the officers.